Excellent apprenticeships and job opportunities!


  • Professional training
  • In-house training workshop
  • Excellent accessibility
  • High job satisfaction
  • High retention rate


  • Exciting activities
  • Secure jobs
  • High job satisfaction
  • Strong teams

Working at Marquardt Medizintechnik

Modern and innovative, experienced and inquisitive – Marquardt Medizintechnik offers plenty of opportunities, including in the workplace!

The fact that Marquardt Medizintechnik is a family business is felt very strongly during the day-to-day work for the company. We have a very flexible organisational form, with short and direct lines of communication between colleagues and line managers. Job satisfaction is very high: the people who work for us are happy to stay with us.

We also do a very good job of integrating our apprentices, which keeps our team much younger than the industry average. On top of this we also offer countless opportunities for further training to enable our employees to obtain additional qualifications – after all, it is vital for us to keep up to date.

Step up a gear with Marquardt Medizintechnik

As a specialist for high-quality medical technology products, quality is everything to us. This is why our development department works closely with leading physicians all around the world – a process that helps us to deliver smart and innovative solutions reliably to the market. But this cooperation also benefits college and university students, as we can offer them opportunities for work placements and internships, as well as potential subjects for their dissertations.

Make sure you apply the right way

If you are interested in applying to us for an apprenticeship or would like to complete a practical semester with us, please make sure you send us all the relevant application documents. Ideally by email to:



Define your career path!

We are experienced specialists in medical technology. This is why it’s all about quality for us in Spaichingen. If you want to start your professional career in a cutting-edge environment and get ahead in your job then don't hesitate – apply to us now!

Experience in innovation

We are a modern company that develops and manufactures top-quality implant systems and markets them all around the world. For this we need qualified experts who work reliably and are keen to keep developing their skills – including as part of a team. Are you interested? Please send us an application!