Marquardt Medizintechnik produces implants for osteosynthesis

Ankle Fusion Plates

For fixation of arthrodeses of the ankle joint

Anatomically shaped ankle fusion plates

Anatomic plates with integrated transfixation screw

Ankle Fusion Plates for polyaxial angle-stable locking

Marquardt offers four different plate designs for ankle fusion - an anterolateral, anterior, posterior or lateral approach is possible. With the exception of the lateral plate, the implants are designed for specific sides and can be occupied with a cannulated transfixation screw.

Screw possibilities

Locking, non-locking

The plates can be occupied polyaxially with locking cortical screws Ø 5.0 mm or locking cancellous screws Ø 6.5 mm and non-locking screws in diameters of 2.7mm or 3.5mm. Additionally non-angle stable screws with Ø 4.5mm are provided.

Compression for the ankle joint to be fused can be achieved with a canullated screw Ø 7.3 mm through the plate.

Locking or non-locking screws for the ankle fusion plates

Anatomically shaped plates

Versions for left and right

Screw hole for integrated transfixation screw

Secure fixation and effective compression
Advantages of the ankle fusion plates from Marquardt

Titanium with type II anodization

Developed with leading experts according to the latest state of the art.

  • Anatomical plate design
  • large choice of plates
  • Clearly structured system with colour coding
  • Fast and flexible to use

Highest quality, 100% designed and made in germany

Specially developed plate system

Product gallery

Self-tapping Cortical Screw, diameter of 4.5 mm
Self-tapping Cortical Screw
Self-tapping Locking Cortical Screw, diameter of 5.0 mm
Self-tapping Locking Cortical Screw
Cancellous Bone Screw, diameter of 6.5 mm
Cancellous Bone Screw
Self-tapping Cannulated Screw, diameter of 7.3 mm
Cannulated Screw, diameter of 7.3 mm, short threaded