Implants from Marquardt for the upper extremities

WINSTA-E – Elbow Plate System

For fractures of the distal humerus, the olecranon and the proximal ulna

Locking elbow system for the distal humerus and olecranon – WINSTA-E

The WINSTA-E system consists of anatomically shaped plates for polyaxial locking. The plates allow different screw configurations for the fixation of the radial and ulnar column of the humerus as well as the fixation of fractures or osteotomies of the proximal ulna.

Easy and flexible

Free choice of screw configuration

All screws of the system with Ø 2.7 mm or Ø 3.5 mm, locking or non-locking, can be inserted poly- or monoaxially into each plate hole. This applies not only to the screws in the head area but also to the shaft with the exception of the oblong holes.

Parallel or orthogonal positioning

WINSTA-E plates can be used in both 180° and 90° double plate osteosynthesis. The screw positions and axes are designed to avoid collisions. In addition, the polyaxial screw holes help to achieve more flexibility.

Unique system with unique advantages

One system for the most common fracture types in the elbow area

Anatomical design

Anatomically shaped plates for fixation of the radial and ulnar column of the humerus and the proximal ulna

colour coded screws

Angle-stable fixation with colour coded screws


High biocompatibility: titanium plates with type II anodisation


Multiple screw options for every locking hole, polyaxial fixation with Ø2.7 or Ø3.5 screws.

WINSTA-E, Medial Plate

WINSTA-E Compact Instrumentation
WINSTA-E Lateral
WINSTA-E Posterolateral
WINSTA-E Olecranon
WINSTA-E Olecranon with Home Run Screw
WINSTA-E Olecranon without Home Run Screw
WINSTA-E plate configuration 90 degrees
WINSTA-E plate configuration 180 degrees