Marquardt Medizintechnik produces implants for osteosynthesis

TarsiTree System

Stabilisation of the subtalar joint

Subtalar Arthroereisis

Efficient correction and stabilisation with cannulated implants

The implants are inserted into the sinus tarsi in a minimally invasive procedure and without a firm bony anchorage. By blocking the increased adduction and plantar tilt of the talus relative to the calcaneus, correction and stabilisation of the subtalar joint is made possible. A uniform and fully cannulated set of instruments results in a clear system design. The implants can be firmly connected to the insertion instrument for safe insertion and removal.

Full variety

One indication, two options

To suit the individual anatomy, the TarsiTree system offers a choice of two different designs. A tapered and a wave shaped design, each available in six sizes. 

Intuitive handling

  • A scale on the templates and the insertion instrument helps to identify the insertion depth.
  • Colour coding facilitates the appropriate size allocation.

Tapered design

Wide support surface, deep anchorage

Internal thread

Both implant versions have an internal thread for secure fixation to the insertion instrument

Cutting edge

Circumferential helix for efficient insertion and removal

Wave Design

Harmonious design with a thread which transitions into a smooth curved finish


Safe insertion via a Ø 2.0mm guide wire

Colour coding

Each size has its own colour identification

Stop geometry

An enlarged end diameter ensures a long-term firm fit of the implant

Wave Design

  • Harmonious design
  • Transitional radii
  • Stop geometry
  • 6 sizes
  • Thread with cutting helix
  • Internal thread for fixation on the insertion instrument

Tapered Design

  • Classic design
  • Wide support surface
  • Cutting edge helix
  • 6 sizes
  • Internal thread for fixation on the insertion instrument



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