Marquardt Medizintechnik produces implants for osteosynthesis

TWIN CF Screw System

For the treatment of neuropathic deformities such as Charcot foot

Stabilisationsschrauben mit Doppelgewinde

TWIN CF stabilization screw

Cannulated screw for individual compression

The TWIN CF screws are used to stabilize the medial and lateral column, also in combination with osteotomies and arthrodeses in the midfoot and rearfoot. With the stabilisation screw variant, a stepless compression can be produced via the instrument set. The compressed state is then stabilized via the screw.

TWIN CF compression screw

Cannulated screw for automatic compression

The two different thread pitches at the proximal and distal end provide compression directly during screw insertion.

TWINCF – diameter of 7,5 up to 5,0 mm

For the medial and lateral column the screws are available with a diameter of 7,5 and 5,0 mm and in lengths of 60 up to 170mm

Clear colour coding

Blue for TWIN CF stabilization screws; gold for TWIN CF compression screws

Cannulated screws

All TWIN CF screws are cannulated to to make insertion easier and more precise.

Micro structured thread surface

The surface structure of the screw threads is created by subtractive corundum blasting. The enhanced roughness supports osseointegration and leads to an enlarged implant surface which results in increased primary stability.
Advantages of the TWIN CF Screw System

Good power transmission, secure anchoring

Self-retaining hexalobe T27

Stabilization of the individually adjusted compression

Identical thread pitches of head and shaft thread

Compression screw driver

Enables insertion of the TWIN CF stabilization screw and compression of the medial column.

Direct compression

Different thread pitches of head and shaft thread to achieve direct compression during driving in.