Marquardt Medizintechnik for the lower extremities

VITUS Fi Fibula Nail System

Minimally invasive osteosynthesis of the distal fibula

Stable fixation, protection of the soft tissues – VITUS-Fi

Intramedullary treatment

Especially in geriatric traumatology and with compromised soft tissue, wound healing becomes the focus of therapy. The VITUS-Fi Fibula Nail System was developed to treat unstable ankle fractures intramedullary. Small incisions and a stable fixation have the aim of shorten the immobilization phase of the patients as much as possible.

Locking screw with modular washer

The proven concept of Marquardt Medizintechnik

The screws are combined with a movable, fixed washer. The modular washer provides secure, positive power transmission with even distribution to the cortex.

All at once

  • Anatomically shaped fibula nail design
  • Specially developed locking screws
  • Optimized screw positions
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Protecting soft tissue
  • Early mobilization

Product gallery

VITUS-Fi, 3 mm diameter
VITUS-Fi, 3 mm diameter
VITUS-Fi Behälter
VITUS-Fi Nagel
VITUS-Fi Schraube
VITUS-Fi Verschlussschraube