EIN - Elastic intramedullary nail

EIN to treat fractures

For the treatment of long bone fractures

For femur, tibia, forearm, humerus and clavicula

The Elastic Intramedullary Nail can be adapted to the anatomical conditions and allows minimally invasive treatment. Treatment with the EIN requires only a small incision.

Cutting instrumentation for Elastic Intramedullary Nails

The specially developed rod cutting instrument allows the elastic nail to be shortened without sharp edges. The instrument can be placed close to the skin and cuts all titanium nail diameters without endangering soft tissue.

Specially developed pliers

Easier insertion

The nail tip facilitates the insertion of the intramedullary nail and allows smooth gliding in the medullary cavity.

Correct relation to the medullary cavity

Guaranteed by the height of the curved tip.

Facilitated repositioning

The nail tip facilitates manipulation of the nail for fracture repositioning.
EIN with specially shaped nail tip

Colour coding

10 different diameters, each diameter with its own colour coding.